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This referral list is a free service of The Bouvier des Flandres Club of Southeastern MI (BdFC of SEM) to link prospective Bouvier puppy buyers and Bouvier breeders.
It is the obligation of the Bouvier puppy buyer to become an educated purchaser. There is information elsewhere on this website and links to many other sites as well as lists of reading material that are intended to provide information to assist a Bouvier puppy buyer in making an informed decision when purchasing a Bouvier puppy. While many of the obligations arising from placement of a Bouvier are the responsibility of the breeder, BdFC of SEM recommends that prospective buyers carefully consider whether they can meet the responsibilities and costs inherent in owning a Bouvier puppy. The BdFC of SEM has made every effort to insure that the breeders listed meet our guidelines and are reputable individuals endeavoring to produce puppies of good quality and health. Our Club has some of the best breeders in the country and we are happy to aid in matching new owners with great dogs. It should be understood that a listing on this Breeder Referral in no way implies an endorsement by the BdFC of SEM, just as an omission of an advertiser does not automatically imply an act of censure. The BdFC of SEM cannot be held liable or responsible for any agreements or guarantees between buyer and seller. Acceptance and use of the information contained in this breeder referral constitutes an acknowledgement that the user hereby releases and indemnifies the BdFC of SEM, and its officers, directors, members, and agents from any and all liability and damages sustained by the user as a result of any information obtained from this breeder referral. For individuals using this Breeder Referral who discover false advertising or desire to file a complaint against any of the listed advertisers listed herein, the BdFC of SEM Board of Directors and Officers will acknowledge a grievance submitted in writing only to the


Breeders List

Janet Lentini
K-Jan Bouviers
St. Clair Shores, Michigan

Patricia Murray & Jan Litogot
I’m Special Bouviers
Fenton, Michigan

Wendy Sparsch
Formidable Bouviers
Breeder Referral Directory Statement of Purpose and Guidelines.
February 4, 2014
Attention Dog Buyers
The BdFC of SEM strongly encourages Bouvier breeders and Bouvier puppy buyers to carefully document (in writing) all representations, promises, statements, warranties and guarantees relating to the purchase of the Bouvier puppy. Many states have laws governing the sale of dogs of which both the Bouvier breeder and the Bouvier puppy buyer should be aware and of which they should comply.
As such, and in accordance with guidelines established by the American Kennel Club, all BdFC of SEM Dog Breeder Referral Advertisers are required to include with each puppy or dog sale (companion pet or show):
1. A Bill of Sale – A bill of sale is a receipt (preprinted or handwritten) which identifies the puppy being sold, states the fee paid for the dog and any additional terms
2. A Statement of Health – A Statement of Health is a declaration the puppy or adult being sold is healthy at the time of sale. This statement can be composed by the advertiser or their veterinarian and must also include recourse in the event the puppy or dog is not healthy at time of sale. OR
3. A Written Health Guarantee/Warranty – A “guarantee” or “warranty” includes a written statement of health at the time of sale and additional buyer protection against congenital problems, inherited defects, etc. The health guarantee should also include how a defect is determined and the procedure the breeder and purchaser are expected to follow in the event sold puppy/adult is diagnosed with a defect.
The Bouvier puppy buyer should also request the required health clearance & certification documentation. The puppy buyer should be aware that Hip, Elbow and Cardiac clearances & certifications are good for the life of the dog while CERF clearances & certifications are good for one year, and must be renewed/re-evaluated annually. Documentation can also be found on the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals website (
Prospective new owners are advised to read any sales contracts and guarantees carefully before purchase. All liability and obligations relating to the purchase of the Bouvier puppy should be determined in writing by the parties as recommended above.
Be aware that the BdFC of SEM strongly encourages all Bouvier breeders to adopt ethical breeding and business practices. However, the BdFC of SEM cannot and does not inspect, monitor or regulate the breeding or business practices of Bouvier breeders located through the Breeder Referral process. It is the obligation of the Bouvier breeder and Bouvier puppy purchaser to make informed decisions whether to complete the purchase of the Bouvier puppy. The BdFC of SEM does not endorse, guarantee, recommend or approve any particular Bouvier breeder. The BdFC of SEM disclaims any liability or obligation for the health, temperament or any other aspects of Bouvier puppies purchased through Bouvier breeders identified by use of this site.
The listing of any individual advertiser in the Referral does not denote an endorsement of that person or any of the documents used in the sale process by the BdFC of SEM, its Board of Directors or its members.
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• The Breeder Referral List is comprised of Bouvier breeders who are BdFC of SEM active* members in good standing.

*active member is defined as one that meets at least 2 of the following conditions with in the 12 months prior to applying/renewing:

1- Advertises at least 1 full page in the BouvNews

2- Sponsors at least 1 trophy for the Club’s Specialty

3- Serves on a committee

4- Actively participates in a Club event

• To apply, please download and complete the Breeder Referral List Application and send it to, Bill Webb (

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